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Dazzled the Town with our new Pink Hummer Limo

Party is a gathering of people specially friends to lessen monotony of daily business. Who doesnít love parties? There are none. Everybody loves to celebrate their times with their loving one and loving people. Sometimes parties are big and sometimes not that big with respect to the gathering of people. We make party in our home or friendís home and sometimes in different clubs or in hotels but do you ever thought about it doing in a limo? Make party in our limousine and letís dazzled the entire city. Prom night is very special for teenagers similarly anniversary, marriage ceremony important to adults. Actually important of different occasion varies according to age, culture and also situation.

Global economy was in danger last year; our beloved city also faced the cruelty. But now shining of new times and hopes are again ablaze. Economy is gradually retaking its previous position. After recession people are expending money and have restored their ability of expending it to opulence. Limousine had always been a remark of luxury. And every person can afford a limousine. But people have desire and we Earls Limousines Ltd. are trying to fulfill those desire. We have 13, 16 and 18 seater limousine with black, white and pink colour. Our 16seater Pink Hummer Limousine is very popular to people. Pink is a colour which attracts people most and everybody going to pay attention to your cruise. For prom night, girlsí night out this limo is always on top for roaming on street.
16seater Pink Hummer Limousine is equipped with VIP bar & bubbly, awesome sound system, LCD screens and also it has 16 seats. This is a whole package of party and celebration.

We understand the value of your special event and you will find our professionalism at a pinnacle level. We try to give you such pleasure and some exclusive memory which will give you pleasure and happiness later when you remember about the journey and good things around you. So why donít you dazzled the Manchester with our pink limousine. Letís have a ride and paint the city with the colour of enthusiasm and ebullience.



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